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Get our new album today - Live in Washington Square Park!

Donate $15 or more, to get the digital album and support the big band members! 

This past summer and fall, Washington Square Park became our home base every Sunday afternoon. It was the last stage left for us to play and, possibly, the last big band stage left anywhere!

For many of us, it was the only time in months that we left the house and played again with  other human beings. The park allowed us to maintain social distance and be in the open air while still swinging together! 


We decided to document this special time, and on November 8th, we made a recording of us playing live in Washington Square Park! The energy was so special... We could see the joy in people's eyes and the smiles behind their masks. We felt a sense of a community and hope that brought us all together.

We are offering pre-sale of the digital album for “$15 or more” and the sales will be split among the 15 band members, who lost their main source of income during the pandemic.

Any amount you can contribute would be greatly appreciated!! 

Your $15 will get $1 per musician

For example:

$30 =>$2 per musician

$150=>$10 per musician 

$1,500=>$100 per musician

You get the idea! :)

This digital album is scheduled to be released early April 2021. We will send you a download link as soon as the album is out! 

We can't wait to share the music with you and we truly appreciate your support!

Much love,

Eyal Vilner Big Band

Live in Washington Square Park 


Eyal Vilner - alto sax, clarinet, flute, compositions, arrangements

Chris Hemingway - alto sax

Peter Anderson - tenor sax, clarinet

Michael Hashim - tenor sax

Eden Bareket - baritone sax

Bryan Davis - lead trumpet

John Lake - trumpet

Brandon Lee - trumpet

James Zollar - trumpet


Mariel Bildsten - trombone

Corey Wilcox - trombone

Gina Benalcázar López - bass trombone


Josh Dunn - guitar

Jennifer Vincent - bass

Eran Fink - drums


Live in Washington Square Park! - Eyal V
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